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Who We Are

ZigIQ is led by founder Rob McGrath, a pioneer for reform in global investing. He has over 31 years of experience leading positive disruption in financial services. Rob is passionate about breaking down the conflicts and inefficiencies that impact returns in financial markets.

Rob is known across the industry for embracing change. As an investment executive at top asset managers, he built unprecedented global trading capabilities with greater transparency and efficiency in the investment process. This resulted in a significant reduction in trading costs and better fund performance.

Most recently Rob was Global Head of Trading for Abu Dhabi Investment Authority(ADIA), where he transformed trade execution capabilities across asset classes and markets. With ADIA, Rob pioneered the use of advanced data analytics and modeling to raise the foresight of the desk beyond what was possible before.

Before joining ADIA, Rob was Global Head of Trading for Schroders Investment Management. He led 42 traders with over $500 billion in assets. Rob led the industry in sophisticated execution methods, broker independence, and custom trade cost analysis. 

Rob’s results and reputation for integrity have made him a leader in FinTech. He founded ZigIQ to make a greater impact by setting inventive businesses on the path to success.

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